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Here at O'Neal's Odds and Ends we want to be your one stop for all you home maintenance, repair, and remodeling needs.

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We truly believe no project is too big or small for us. Need help hanging a few pictures we can help. Need to add an addition to your home we can help with that as well. Meet Our Team. O'Neal's Odds and Ends is a small family owner company that focuses on doing quality work in a very professional manor. Jenny O'Neal.

What is a Superpro? This program is dedicated to defining excellence and identifying the highest quality local home service companies. Every month, we award this status to Housecall Pros dedicated to providing their customers with a transparent, modern, and online experience from day one, establishing a strong relationship for years to come. We restore. We install. We improve. We build.

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We are Superpros. Tom Caruana.

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