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There is evidence of large-scale monumental architecture kings' tombs in Abydos.

Egyptian construction in the Early Dynastic period

Writing and art become standardised. A more complex administration and a calendar were developed.

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Excavations have shown that Abydos must have been the cemetery of the kings of the First Dynasty. Tarkhan is with about excavated, recorded and published tombs one of the major cemeteries of the period. Several important finds from the cemetery are in the Petrie Museum.

Early Dynastic Period (Egypt)

The tombs and objects from this site amply illustrate the culture of the time. Pelagios Widget. Professor William W. Hallo Memorial Service and Ac Forschungen zur antiken Sklaverei Open Access Publ Holy Land Collections at the University of Pennsyl Near Eastern Archaeology, Vol. Edition Visualization Technology V.

Ancient Mesopotamia ~ Early Dynastic Workers & Worshipers

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